A well deserved break


After finishing my undergrad, my parents promised me a trip as a graduation present. I hope to do a second degree and originally wanted to take a year off to travel but realized it would be in my best interest to go straight to my second degree. This trip will be a break/reward before I go to a postgraduate program and after that get a job where I wont be able to travel for three weeks at a time.

Leaving May 1st 2018 and coming back May 20th, 2018 .

Total Days: 19 | Places: 4 | Budget: $1,738.93

To get to Thailand I will fly from Vancouver to Bangkok on Air Canada using my moms travel passes as she is a flight attendant so I will not be able to plan this in advance.

I like to be alone and my desire to be alone while traveling has turned me into a mix of drifter and a non-institutionalized tourist, always trying to find paces no one has been to that are untouched by mass tourism

I would descirbe myself as fitting perfectly into the mid centric type of tourist – I like to go places that are novel and new but also safe and in my comfort zone so I can let my gaurd down and have a good time.

Thailand is somehwere I have drempt of going ever since I was in high school. In recent years it has become a very hip place to go backpacking becuase of its relatively cheap prices and amazing beaches/scenery. In particular to me, I have always been a huge fan of Asian food especially Thai food and would love to try an Authentic Thai meal. Beyond this, the main reason I will be taking this trip is to relax and wind down before I start the next stage of my life in the fall so the majority of my vacation will be focused on lesiure.



Bangkok – My Gateway

Since Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand, I will use it as my gateway to get to my other destinations.

Length: 3 days

Where I will stay: The Yard Hostel Bangkok

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price: 4 bedroom basic female doorm is $24.93 found using May 2017 prices

Resturants I will visit:

  • Eat Me Resturant – 20 metres off Convent Rd. (in Soi Pipat 2), 10500, Thailand
  • Zuma Resturant – 159 Rajadamri Road, Located at the St Regis Hotel, lumpini sub district, Prathuwan Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

Beyond these resturants, which were top rated, I will ask locals for recommendations so I can experince authentic local Thai food as I travel.

    Things I will do:

  • Go to the Wat Phra Kaew Temple – one of the biggest tourist destinations in Bangkok
  • Visit the Khao San Road – to buy cheap gifts for my family

During the rest of my trip, I will ask other tourists and locals for recommendations on how to spend the rest of my time, their favourite resturants and favourite pastimes.

From Bangkok I will be catching a bus for around $63 Canadian dollars at Khao San Road to Khao Sok National Park where the relaxing part of my trip begins

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Length: 4 days

Where I will stay: Khaosok Tree House

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price: $32/night

What I will do:

  • Walk around the Khao Sok National Park on my own
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Draw and Paint the nature around me
  • Read something other than textbooks for a change

From the Khao Sol National Park I will travel by bus to the nearest port to Ko Pha Ngan and then take a ferry, no website is clearn on the prices or exact travel route so that is something I will figure out once I’m there

Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan

A Desitination recommended to me by many friends. Known for being a very beautiful and relaxing place. Also known for the Full Moon Party that is hosted on this island every month.

Length: 5 days

Where I will stay: The Magic Wave

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Price: $29 Canadian/night found using May 2017 prices via hostel world

Resturants I will visist:

  • CRAVE Resturant and Lounge – 17/11 Moo 8, Sirthanu
  • Bite Delight – 64/9 Moo 2
    Beyond these resturants, which were top rated, I will ask locals for recommendations so I can experince authentic local Thai food as I travel.
    Things I will do:

  • Full moon party: May 10th, Wednesday 5:34 PM
  • Visit Ko Ang Thong national park via boat tourst that are offered from the town
  • From Ko Pha Ngan I will take the ferry samui back to the main land where I will take another ferry to Ko samui – this journey will take four and a half hours

Koh Samui


Koh Samui

I plan to make this the most relaxing part of my vacation.

Length: 7 days

Where I will stay: Us hostel

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price: $13 canadian/night found using May 2017 prices

Resturants I will visit:

  • Barracuda Resturant – The Wharf Samui 62/9 Moon 1
  • Pepenero Koh Samui – 59/17 Moon 6
    beyond these resturants, which were top rated, I will ask locals for recommendations so I can experince authentic Thai food.

During my stay I plan to spend the majority of my days tanning, napping and swiming at the Maenam beach.

From Koh Samui I will be catching a ferry to the mainland. From there I would take the bus which would take approximately 11 hours back to my gateway, Bangkok.

This is where my trip will sadly end and I will fly back to Canada


Bangkok = 24.93 (3 days)
Khao Sok National park $32/night x 4 days = $128
Ko Pha Ngan $29/night x 5 days = $145
Ko Samui $13/night x 7 days = $91
TOTAL = $388.93

$20/day x 19 days = $380

$100/destination x 4 destinations = $400

$30/day x 19 days = $570
TOTAL = $388.93 + $380 + $400 + $570 = $1,738.93

My Vacations Legacy

The summer after undergrad will represent a pivotal time in my life where I move on from my youth and begin to advance my career and life goals. I hope to remember this trip as my transition period. This is an especially important reason why I am planning to take this trip by myself. That being said if any of my friends want to join me on this trip I will welcome them along. Throughout my life here-after I wish to remember Thailand and the specific towns I went to as my special place where I relaxed and got to know myself better. It would be a trip I wouldn’t be able to replicate. As I go through life, add kids and a husband into the mix it will be easier and more likely for me to become an institutionalized tourist going to all inclusive hotels and taking cruises. This could be my last time to experience a vacation as a drifter, exploring without set plans or expectations.